Friday, August 26, 2011

Royalscentricity: A Paul Rudd Blog

So a fella who goes by the handle MrNegative1 over at Royals Review (where I also do some Royals writing, as nearly every one of you should be aware) posted this clip from The man whose visage has adorned this site from its beginnings is seen talking about being a Royals fan.

As for other content, I do have a couple of things conceptualized. Some Equating Your Royals to a Character in The Wire pieces have been on the back-burner, and I've got another piece that I've been meaning to write but will require quite a bit of research that extends well past baseball. I will get to these when time allows for it. Until then, keep an eye out. Become a fan on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. You'll find out as soon as they're up.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle discuss what they should do with their money

As Paul Rudd is and has been in the header photo here since Royalscentricity's inception*, it's only fitting that I (as were others, apparently) was approached about this video with Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle debating whether Rob should buy a jet pack or Royals season tickets.

*What a crap movie...

Now unless you are on a quest to re-enact each and every episode of Arrested Development in their entirety and have already procured the Godzilla costume, it seems reasonable that season tickets may not be the worst option. I mean we're not talking about a hoverboard now, are we?

Here's the video:

If I lived in KC (and were wealthy), I'd totally buy tickets just to see Jesus H. Christ manning first night-in and night-out.