Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Johnny Giavotella's Glove: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Grew to Accept that He Cannot Play Second Base

Hello, friends. Obviously, my duties at Royals Review (along with life in general) have slowed the already turgid pace of content coming out here to a total standstill. My apologies for that.

Having had the chance to see the Omaha Storm Chasers Royals for a fourth time this season, there is one issue that lingers when projecting the 'prospects' to the Major League roster. How the hell is Johnny Giavotella's glove going to play anywhere? In the four games I've seen, he spent three nights brutalizing his pitchers with his atrocious defense at second, and a fourth night blowing two grounders in an atypical game at third.

While one could spend days wondering what Giavotella was doing playing third base in the first place, there has been nothing in his defensive performance in an admittedly small sample size of games seen that indicates that he has even a serviceable glove to this writer. He doesn't seem to have decent range. Routine grounders make their way to the outfield all too often. Grounders get booted with disturbing frequency.

It is clear that the Royals have a gaping hole at second in Kansas City. Mike Aviles seems deadset on giving Moore & Co. cause to send him down. Chris Getz is anything but the future of the franchise at second. The one aspect of Giavotella's game that gives one hope is his bat, which is expectantly light on power, but with his suspect defense, can he stick in the bigs?

Color me doubtful to say the least.

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Daniel said...

Turgid? Wasn't expecting that word on a Tuesday afternoon.

I think I'm ready for Giavotella for one reason: I *haven't* seen him play. I had heard unencouraging things about his defense before, but nothing totally damning his ability to play there until this.

And...that's discouraging. I would say maybe he should be stuck in RF, but it doesn't look like his power projects to a corner OF spot at all, and I'm unsure of his throwing arm.