Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lynx All Around

I fully anticipate doing a proper post yet this week. My dad has been in town (no, not for SXSW...), and we went out to West Texas (not West, TX, home of Scott Podsednik and more importantly The Czech Stop) for the weekend. This left me more or less internetless. I had to let the computer auto-draft a team for me in the Royals Review Keeper League because I was so far south that AT&T thought I was out of the country and wanted me to sign up for an international data plan.

At any rate, here come some links from the Royals Universe (in bullet-points):
  • Will McDonald saw fit to write a little ditty about Bruce Chen set to the tune of "The Living Years" by Mike + the Mechanics. Clearly Will holds a belief similar to mine that Mike Rutherford was the best member of Genesis. Your efforts and similar mindset regarding the post-Genesis careers of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins in relation to that of genius Mike Rutherford--who was so enlightened to have employed both Paul Carrack and the other Paul Young (not the one who struck it big with the Hall & Oates cover of "Everytime You Go Away" in his rag-tag outfit of rock 'n roll demigods--are recognized and appreciated here, young William.
  • The first Royalman Report podcast is up featuring KC Royalman and Michael Engel, the head writer at Kings of Kauffman. They were lucky enough to have gotten to interview Royals' middle infielder of the future Christian Colon, who seemed like a lot of fun. While I'm a fan of (and subscriber to) the Broken Bat Single podcast, adding another to the mix cannot be a bad thing, can it?
  • Mike (and thanks for the indirect titular shout-out in the Royals Roundup post) also weighs in on the Greinke trade now that we might have an inkling as to what the Royals have received in return. Ever the go-getter, he also takes a look at the pitching staff as it has begun to take the shape we're likely to see on Opening Day.
  • Joe Posnanski wrote one of his famous quasi-fan-fic pieces looking back on the Royals' success from the vantage point of someone looking back from the somewhat near-future.
  • Cheslor chesling.
  • Over at AL Central In Focus, Corey Ettinger does a scouting report on Nicaraguan teen third base prospect, Cheslor Cuthbert. He also unfurls his Top 15 Prospects in the Royals System. It's a slightly different list, but he gives his reasons.
  • Clark Fosler sets out to analyze the catching situation. While the short answer would be something to the effect of "Why does it matter, none of them are particularly good?" obviously Jason Kendall's accelerated recovery means there is something to explore--even though most of us wish there wasn't.
  • Jason Parks tweeted that Jason Adam is the best pitcher he has seen this Spring Training. As I told Professor Parks, that tweet aroused me. Hearing such lewd things is a benefit of following me on Twitter.
  • LA at Royal Revival is finally on Twitter. He just tweeted about how MLB Network was saying that Aaron Crow is now a reliever.
And that's all I got.

Well, except for a gift for Mr. Ettinger...

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Corey Ettinger said...

Oh hell yes on the Summer Breeze bit. Makes me feel fine.