Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Royalscentricity Linkdown

Readers of the blog know that I don't often do a link throwdown, but there are a couple of pieces out there that seem to be notable.
Searching for angels in the outfield
  • Chris Jaffe wrote the second part of his piece on the Worst World Series winners. While we may root for the worst team of the 2000s, the World Series winner of 1985 only ranks as the third-worst winner of the Series since the advent of the League Championship Series. The worst winner? The second worst? Well, many Royals fans can take solace in each of them.
  • I'd imagine almost everyone who has made their way here has already read it, but when I stated in the Pedro Feliz post on Monday that Will McDonald (at Royals Review) might just be the best pure writer of any of the Royals bloggers, he justified the statement with this dialogue between Gil Meche and Cliff Lee.
  • I got a nice shout-out from Corey Ettinger over at AL Central In Focus. Corey is covering the entire AL Central and seems to be getting as much content up as Rob Neyer has been since he moved over to SBNation. I don't know how Corey covers so much ground (22 posts in February already), but there is a lot of good prospect profiling being done over there. Given that he is also writing about the guys we'll be seeing on the field opposing the Royals, his blog covers a lot of what the future holds in the division.
  • John Sickels does a Prospect Smackdown on Craig Kimbrel and Jeremy Jeffress (pictured) over at Minor League Ball.
  • Project Prospect's Top 100 Prospects list came out on Monday. Royals finding their way onto the list: 5. Eric Hosmer; 6. Wil Myers; 16. Mike Moustakas; 20. John Lamb; 54. Mike Montgomery; 71. Jake Odorizzi; 78. Christian Colon; 90. Johnny Giavotella. The complete list can be found here. Eight prospects in all. Suspiciously present: Johnny Giavotella.
  • The Project Prospect list comes two weeks after another fairly controversial list, Keith Law's list at ESPN (subscription required). The Royals who made his list are as follows: 5. Eric Hosmer; 8. Wil Myers; 23. Mike Moustakas; 28. Mike Montgomery; 41. John Lamb; 98. Danny Duffy. Apparently, Chris Dwyer would have been 102. Despite being much less bowled over by the Royals farm system than most prospect experts, Law does rank the Royals farm system as the best in baseball, but not much ahead of Tampa. He has a reputation for hating the Royals amongst Royals fans, and he simply adds fuel to the fire here. 
  • This article is a few weeks old now, but I assumed it was ESPN Insider only and therefore did not read it. Jerry Crasnick writes about how Dayton Moore has built up the farm system so well. The thing that struck me as particularly interesting is the graphic on the side where it shows that the Royals have only had 12 draft picks in the first three rounds of the draft since 2007. Only the Indians and Orioles have had fewer. If you knock that down to first-round draft picks, the Royals have had only five, with the Indians, Orioles, and Marlins being the only teams with fewer. When you think about it this way, it makes the turnaround even more impressive. This is also why I'm glad I'm not an Astros fan. They aren't likely to start getting help from supplemental draft picks as a result of Type A or B Free Agents leaving town.
I know I lost a good chunk of readership in the second half of last season. My output was inconsistent and extremely sporadic. Mostly, this is the result of a lack of time. I moved, was without cable for over a month, and was working about 65 hours a week. Time should hopefully be something I have a little more of in the near future, as I have excised my third job from my life. I still have a few shifts left at the Crown & Anchor (don't worry, Scott), but it should open up my life a bit more for the other endeavors I want to pursue. Royalscentricity is one of them, so I want you all to know that I am at least attempting to rededicate myself to this blog.

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Corey Ettinger said...

He [K.Law] couldn't have been THAT down on the system if he still named it as the best is baseball... :-P

Josh "Old Man" Duggan said...

Yeah... Comparatively, he is.