Sunday, April 11, 2010

Royals Option Mike Aviles to Omaha, Fans Incensed

In yet another head-scratching move, Dayton Moore & Co. have decided that Mike Aviles was the 25-man roster casualty to make room for Gil Meche, who was activated from the Disabled List for his start on Sunday.


Nevermind that the optioning of a position player to activate a pitcher means the Royals are now carrying 13 pitchers on the Major League roster.

Nevermind that Kyle Farnsworth could easily be put on the DL as he is actually injured.

Nevermind that Luis Fucking Mendoza shouldn't be pitching for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, let alone the Kansas City Royals.

And nevermind that Mike Aviles is going to Omaha to play shortstop when the player that the Royals are currently slotting at short is the worst everyday player in the American League, being neither proficient with the wood or the leather.

On a day when the Red Sox threw Bill Hall in to sub for Marco Scutaro and Bill Hall (who had been moved off of short years ago) flashed better lateral range than Yuniesky Betancourt dreams of having, the thought of Betancourt allowing routine grounder after routine grounder through the infield for hits while working pitch-counts for one- and two-pitch at-bats is simply unbearable.

Dayton, Trey, whoever needs to hear this: Yuniesky Betancourt is not a shortstop. He is not a Major League hitter. No one gives a fuck who you traded to get him. You were wrong to acquire him. You are wrong to keep playing him. You have a more competent shortstop on your roster who you just sent down to get reps. God fucking dammit.

Seriously, Royals fans are checking out and the first week is just coming to an end.

This is but one story of organizational incompetence this season. I have barely even touched on the utter worthlessness of the bullpen as a whole or the fact that there are actual relievers in Omaha who actually could do the job. Hillman's pre-game statement that, “We need to keep as much pitching as we can right now until we get this bullpen situation ironed out," is also entirely irrelevant as there is no way in hell that Luis Mendoza is any part of the solution to the issue at hand. The complete inability to properly assess what the Royals have on their own roster is crippling the organization.

Perhaps the awful start that seems imminent will be enough for David Glass to shit-can Dayton Moore because this ship cannot be righted by the hands at the helm.

(photo from Seattle Times website)


jmgwxman said...

Yeah. Completely agree. Hillman and Moore are epic fail right now.

Ron Rollins said...

Moore doesn't make mistakes. Just ask him. Its all part of the process.

Charles said...

Why would you ask Moore? He doesn't know what a process IS.

Seriously, there can't be a process other than just destroy the team so it can move.

I am not going any more; I am barely watching. Why would I after Dave Owen cost us 2 baserunners in the first two games and STILL has his job after the last shitty year he had? Since they are so smart they can lead the team ALL BY THEMSELVES.

If they are serious about anything it must be LOSING.

Dr Thunder said...

Just all happens here.

Brian McGannon said...

Could not agree more about Yuniesky Betancourt. I had never cheered against a player who played for the Royals until the Yuni-bomber came to town. Freaking ridiculous. Worst lateral range I've ever seen, weak arm, zero plate discipline, zero power. He flat out sucks.