Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Royals Hate Mike Aviles and Mitch Maier

We're four games in, and it would seem that Trey Hillman feels that both Mike Aviles and Mitch Maier haven't sat enough to fully cool off from their torrid spring. With their spots on the 25-man roster entering spring training, both men saw fit to force their way onto the roster.

In 21 games and 57 plate appearances, Aviles hit .471/.517/.725 with one-third of his hits going for extra bases (three doubles and five triples). Not to be outdone, Maier triple-slashed .475/.530/.814 in 66 plate appearances with five doubles, three triples, and three homers. Collectively, they drew thirteen walks while only striking out eight times.

Given that Mitch Maier is the Royals' best defensive center fielder and that Mike Aviles is their "most fundamentally sound infielder," it would only stand to reason that they would not get to play after the team made moves in the offseason in the spirit of building a stronger defensive team--reason, of course, as it applies to how the show is run in Kansas City. Considering that they were the team's hottest hitters coming into the regular season, the rational thought being incorporated here is encouraging...

Combined, they have one pinch-running appearance.


Could someone please steal the compromising photos that Yuniesky Betancourt has of Hillman or Moore (Treyton Millman?) and give them to Aviles? I think we all trust his surgically repaired throwing elbow more than Betancourt.

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Seth Feldkamp said...

This organization doesn't believe in stats at all. If you perform badly, you just need more playing time to get going. If you perform well, it doesn't mean anything if there is someone older or making more money than you. I swear it's like a little league team.