Friday, March 26, 2010

Danny Duffy: Not a Natural, O-Royal, or Royal

As we embark on another season in which the Royals look to be competing for fourth place in the American League Central, there were only a few things that we Royals fans had to look forward to. That list got a little shorter yesterday when Danny Duffy decided to walk away from the game.

For those keeping track at home, Duffy's likely retirement makes three pitching prospects widely regarded as Top 10 prospects within the organization that are no longer with the Royals--the other two being Danny Gutierrez and Dan Cortes, who were traded for next to nothing and much worse than nothing, respectively. Now that the organization has systematically dispatched of all top prospects with the Christian name of Daniel, let's hope Dayton Moore & Co. don't decide that the Mikes are next.

With this development and the John Manuel podcast report earlier in the offseason in which the organization was bristling with top pitching prospect Mike Montgomery over his desire to incorporate long-toss into his workout regimen, the pessimist within has to worry about whether or not any of these top-notch pitching prospects will ever pan out. After all, Danny Duffy was arguably the most advanced of any of the Royals' young hurlers up until Wednesday, with only the relatively untested Aaron Crow being as close* to the Majors as Duffy had been.

*Realistically, Crow's age and the fact that he came along through the college ranks likely would have resulted in Crow making it to Kansas City even before Duffy's injury, but now that's all speculation.

It should be noted that Duffy's strained left elbow could surely have been a factor in his decision "to leave baseball at this time to reassess his life priorities,"* despite assertions to the contrary.

*J.J. Picollo quote from a club statement cited in the afore-linked Bob Dutton article in the Star.

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