Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Sorry Dumb Bloggers, But Zack Greinke Is Still Beyond Reproach

If Red Sox Nation wasn't already irritating enough, here is a post from* in which a Red Sox fan basically just says Zack Greinke isn't as good as Josh Beckett.

*And I get that the mission statement is "to take it to, or criticize, every player in the sports that we love to watch," but maybe you should actually have points past the three most basic pitching statistics in the book.

Why this statistical ignoramus is citing mental toughness and seemingly just looking at the Win-Loss column is beyond me, but the article is as lazy as I am in my personal life.

If you want to get incensed, feel free to go there.

I've already commented.


On an entirely unrelated note, here are two links to John Sickels's reactions to having seen the O-Royals.

Massholes will not take the one shining beacon of hope from this season from me.

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