Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Official Apology to Willie Bloomquist

Dear Mr. Bloomquist,

When Dayton Moore signed you, I was not happy. I said some things. I thought I knew who you were.

He signed you to a contract that I didn't think was wise. I thought that your ability to aptly cover multiple positions was your only saving grace with your on-base percentage of 2007 being a mirage. An outlier. You only had one extra-base hit last year. I thought you were Joey Gathright with more versatility but less speed and no upside.

These past few weeks you have proven me wrong. For this I am humbly offering my apology.

You have played so well thus far that I cannot even get upset with you over the couple of gaffes with the leather you have had. Your bat has been a big part in the Royals success. You have been working counts for walks, stealing key bases, shooting grounders between the infielders, and getting extra-base hits. Color me shocked. Continue to do what you are doing, William. Even if you do not manage that, you have already earned your paycheck for the season as far as I am concerned.

Your fan,
Old Man Duggan


KMartin said...

Dear Mr. Bloomquist:


Ron Rollins said...

What happens when he goes 0-37?

Shouldn't we give him at least one full season before we deciede if it was a good signing or bad one?

3 questions on that:

1) do you think Moore's track record will allow this to be a good signing?

2) how pissed are the Mariners that that 2 out 3 players Moore signed are outperforming their time in Seattle?

3) any chance we can get Moore fired so he can go scout players for the Mariners?

Old Man Duggan said...


For the amount of money the Royals spent on Bloomquist (what, a twelfth of Guillen's annual salary?), I'd say he has already earned the entire yearly paycheck in one month.

As for your other questions:

1) I'm not sure what you're getting at with that question as it pertains to Bloomquist.

2) I just wish the more expensive player were doing that (or at least had last year--legs notwithstanding, I've got no qualms with Guillen thus far this year).

3) While I don't always agree with Moore's moves, I have to say he makes it a lot easier to care about the Royals. His team, despite our offseason outcries as he brought in players that we were not crazy about, is winning and more shockingly getting on base in spite of a free-swinging history. I have to say as long as they are competing, I'm happy.