Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Doubled?

There really isn't a lot to say about a 12 - 3 blow-out. The Royals got to warmer climes, faced a green pitcher, and feasted on him. More importantly, they worked counts, hit to the opposite field early and often, and actually drove in base runners.

The most pleasant development of this early season has probably been the patience of Mike Jacobs. He has three walks and three home runs early. Sure, he has struck out a ridiculous 10 times in 35 plate appearances and three of those were today, but he also has all three of those homers this week. His first week was marked with poor swings, but this week he has looked good. He is starting to justify the acquisition (and my initial openness to the idea). He has also been working counts in non-walk plate appearances. Last season, he saw an average of 3.68 pitches per plate appearance. Heading into the first game against the Rangers, that number was up to 4.38. Obviously, we're dealing with a small sample size, but I can live with Jacobs (as a DH) if he's attempting to work counts and smacking the shit out of the ball once or twice a game.


Meche seemed to be struggling a little with command getting deep into counts more often than I feel comfortable, but obviously his effort was good enough and he worked out of the jams he created for himself.

Callaspo's flip to Aviles was pretty sweet to say the least.

Teahen should go 5-for-6 every game for the rest of the season. It'd make his and our lives easier.

Not going to bother talking about Horacio Ramirez or the hopefully atypical outing from Doug Waechter after such a ridiculously lopsided game.

And it only took Willie Bloomquist six games in a Royals uniform to get an extra base hit. Is a home run to follow?

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