Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome Back, Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

Yesterday's loss was not exactly the most palatable, so I refrained from spewing venom, electing to relax and not ruminate on the loss. It was the first bad Ponson start. I'm willing to cut him a little slack, since his first two starts were not horrible. Five years ago, this incarnation of Sidney Ponson would have been the staff 'ace', so these are steps in the right direction.

Moving on.

I didn't see any of the first four innings, but Brian Bannister looked good in the fifth and sixth innings, so he couldn't have looked any worse in the first four. Six scoreless. Besting the reigning Cy Young Award winner. Giving Gil Meche (who had shown some loss in velocity towards the end of his outing in Texas, as an astute commenter--I think over at Ball Star--had pointed out earlier this week) an extra day. All of those were positive aspects of Banny's first Major League start of the 2009 season. It appears as though Horacio's damage may be limited to one start, also, and this has to be viewed as a phew moment. If he makes his way back into the rotation, it will likely be out of necessity. Let us all hope it does not get to that point.

Jamey Wright pitched well out of the pen. Hell, anything less than a bullpen meltdown is welcome at this point...

And then there was Jack. He pitched out of a jam, thanks in large part to another motherfucking passed ball, to get the save. Nice K, but where have those 1-2-3 saves gone dear Mexicutioner?

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Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see Bannister pitch well and I'm happy we won, but Hillman failed miserably as a manager.... again. His one job is to put his players in a position to succeed and he failed to do that with the lineup. Jacobs had no business in the lineup against such a tough lefty. Olivo has no business in the lineup period. Buck should have started at C (especially given his career numbers against Lee) and B. Pena should have started at DH. It would have been nice to see what the lineup could have done if deployed correctly, maybe it wouldn't have been such a close game.