Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rangers, Get In Line. You've been Greinked.

One of the drawbacks of living in Austin is that not every Rangers game is broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest. The Astros often find themselves televised in Austin over the Rangers, and Saturday night was one such occasion in which that was the case. Of course, the Royals broadcast was blacked out because they were the out-of-market broadcast of an "in-market" non-televised game. Luckily, the MLB Mix channel was feeding the Royals game through one of its eight boxes, so I got to watch the game (kind of) but it was like I was watching the game on a Game Boy.

So, not that I could see any movement on pitches or anything, Greinke thoroughly dominated the Rangers. A complete game shut-out featuring ten strikeouts running his scoreless innings streak to 34. The win ran his record to 3 - 0. He leads all of baseball with a 0.00 ERA. He is second only to Johan Santana in strikeouts, trailing him 26 to 27.

Perhaps the most striking peripheral stat on Greinke's line is that he is allowing a .345 BABIP, so hitters are actually getting lucky off Greinke right now. Obviously, this is a small sample size, but man alive is he dominating. When he gave up that lead-off triple to Hank Blalock, I thought for sure the streak was over, but he induced a grounder to third, holding Blalock to the bag, and proceeded to strikeout the next to batters. He really has it all going on right now.

Perhaps the funniest part of the day came in the post-game when Greinke stated that he didn't know about the scoreless streak. How can you not love this guy as a Royals fan?

Even if Davies comes back to earth, Meche and Greinke have imposed their will on hitters thus far, and the one-two punch at the top of the rotation is to be feared.

As Rany stated heading into this start (can't remember if it was the radio show or the blog), it is now time to grease the wheels for the Zack Greinke for AL Cy Young bandwagon because it is about to get underway.

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Little Brother said...

too bad, i didn't check my team because i had him on my bench. FUCK!