Monday, April 20, 2009

One More Start for Horacio

If we are to take anything from Trey Hillman's statement about Horacio Ramirez starting to give everyone rest, it is that he is batshit crazy, and his baffling mismanagement of the bullpen on Sunday lends credence to this theory. But as Bob Dutton stated, it seems as though the Royals are setting things up in Omaha for either Hochevar or Bannister to come up and join the team over the weekend.

Banny was limited to two innings of work Sunday afternoon in a pre-determined limiting of his pitch count. Hochevar was mentioned in Dutton's article as the possible (and logical) candidate for the rotation, but that his current schedule put him on track for a start on this coming Saturday, when that rotation spot was initially going to open up.

Either are obviously preferrable to Horacio Ramirez, but from a management perspective, it would probably make more sense to call up Banny (who was solid when I saw him on pitch this week) first in the hopes of delaying Hochevar's arbitration clock by doing whatever they can to leave him out of that Super Two echelon of players. Every little bit helps here, and there is always hope that Bannister can recapture some of that 2007 magic.

Is it too soon to hope that they just call both up and jettison Horacio Ramirez and the Evil Kyle Farnsworth? I tried to remain open-minded, especially about Farnsworthless, but as long as either one is on the roster, Trey Hillman can misuse them, so they probably need to go.

Does Frank White still want that managerial job he interviewed for?

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Anonymous said...

That's a good rhetorical question concerning #20. I would feel ambivalent about a move - this is purely hypothetical, as we know that Hillman is going nowhere before Oct - but I'm not sure that I want to see a beloved native, and just all around classy guy through the ringer. We saw what happened to Duke and Mac. I know I'm bias I was always a #20 guy before a #5 guy.
Plus, he is really doing a good job on the telecast with Ryan, and is sharing a lot of knowledge and humor ( if you missed the "show'em what you got" exchange you missed a classic.

Thanks. Enjoy the blog