Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kyle, Stop it. You're scaring me.

I intend to keep this short, as there will surely be another entry later today.

The early inning issues on display in Kyle Davies's previous start were present from the second inning on. He was not hitting his spots, and his pitches were getting tagged. Nevermind that Jose Guillen took a leisurely stroll to get to the Josh Anderson "triple" in the sixth--I know there is catcher's indifference on stolen bases, but when the right fielder is casually trotting to a gapper, can that be scored differently as well?--that ball was hit hard by a guy with middling power.

I would say that the Royals are lucky in that none of the competition in the Central is playing particularly well to set themselves apart, but I have to say that I do not like the Royals chances of holding onto a share of first place this afternoon with Sidney Ponson taking the mound. If he gets shelled, I guess we have a certain call-up of a certain #1 pick to look forward to. If only the bullpen were playing as well as we all thought it would be heading into the season...

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Forrest said...

I've been monitoring Kyle Davies for the first few weeks of the season, and even though this start officially qualifies as a "disaster" start, I think he will be alright.

I'm more concerned about the back end of the rotation...I don't have a lot of faith in either Horacio Ramirez or Sidney Ponson. Whether Hochevar is read—well, who knows. And Brian Bannister is nothing more than an innings-eater, in my opinion.