Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kyle Davies: Savior?

Well, it wasn't without some anxiety (Joakim, I don't expect to have to hold my breath while you're on the mound...), but behind a great outing from Kyle Davies, the Royals' third starter, the Royals prevailed, taking their second of three from the White Sox at US Cellular.

Davies' start was very encouraging. He completely overpowered the White Sox. His 8 Ks in 7 IP were impressive, and as the game went on he seemed to have more control over the Sox. He did seem to get behind in the count early on, but that seemed to taper off as he kept on trucking. If Davies can continue to allow three hits and two walks per seven inning outing while allowing no runs, I think his name will likely be engraved on the Cy Young Award. In all seriousness, he may have been even more impressive than Meche was Tuesday afternoon.

If Davies seriously joins Greinke and Meche at the top of the rotation, then things are looking pretty good. Even with fairly strong pitching performances by the opposition (Danks was nothing if not solid today, although not as impressive as Davies and left after the sixth), the Royals top three starters outpitched the top three starters of the defending division champions (by virtue of tiebreak, I know). This has to be a good sign.

It's too bad Ponson's going to take all the wind from our sails tomorrow night...

Coco Crisp had a nice play on the warning track to go along with that Jenks pitch he ripped over the wall for the go-ahead two-run shot in the top of the eighth. Good game from him, and good late inning at-bats from off the bench by Callaspo.

Three games in: Who's leading the division?

That's right. The Royals.


Dr Thunder said...

Is Paul Rudd a verified Royals fan? Or just wearing random shirt?

Old Man Duggan said...

He's from Overland Park, I believe. He is definitely a Chiefs fan (so much so that he did the narration for the Chiefs HBO series), grew up in KC, and is wearing a Royals shirt in that picture. I would tend to believe that he would be.

Dr Thunder said...

Nice. I did not know that.