Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving on to Less Reprehensible Second Basemen

According to Buster Olney, the Royals are entertaining finding a way to fit Orlando Hudson into their plans. This is a signing I was begging for months ago, although in all fairness, this buyer's market was not even remotely considered when I wanted so badly for this to happen. Of all the free agents, I thought he and Adam Dunn would fit what the Royals needed most, with O-Hud's well-roundedness levelling the playing field in a head-to-head evaluation of whether he or Dunn would bring more to the Royals.

Orlando Hudson, using nearly every advanced defensive metric, is entirely worthy of the myriad defensive accolades he has collected. Granted, he has spent time on the DL in years past, but his glove is tremendous. He is very capable swinging the bat as well, making him appealing in a way that none of the other internal prospects for second base are.

Bob Dutton has stated that this signing is a long-shot, especially given the fact that signing Hudson would result in the Royals having to forfeit their second-round (editors note: corrected from erroneously "corrected" written first round pick) draft pick. But apparently if the price is right, they can cope with the loss of the draft pick.

Obviously, I am no fan of wrecklessly giving away draft picks, but the Royals do qualify for a supplemental draft pick with Grudz's having declined arbitration, so it is a sacrifice I think is worth it. To clear up room, you'd have to think they'd be willing to move Teahen for next to nothing, as he'd surely be the odd man out giving the already crowded 25-man roster what with the lack of options for the glut of first basemen/middle infielders they have filled the 40-man with this offseason. As much as we'd prefer Bloomquist to have never been signed, it would surely seem that Teahen would be the slightly more desireable piece in the eyes of a trading partner, certainly moreso than Wee Willie Bloomquist.

Sure, I'd prefer to have the Royals simply cut bait with less talented personnel than have to deal Teahen, but the signing of Hudson may afford them the luxury of not having to ask for talent that is almost ML-ready. If they had to go prospecting with someone who hadn't seen action at a level above High-A ball, it would be more digestible under these new circumstances. After all, they'd seem to have legitimate Major Leaguers at every position, with the possible exception of catcher and short--that is if Mike Aviles falls apart in an Angel Berroa-like sophomore campaign, although Bloomquist is arguably an insurance policy of sorts in this scenario.

Regardless, it is refreshing to see the Royals of all teams, looking at their books in an effort to stretch things out as much as possible and bring in veteran talent of the caliber of Hudson. If they were to miraculously sign him, it would obliterate nearly every disparaging word I'd said of Moore this offseason. I know it's not easy, but if he were to get one of the two players I wanted the Royals to sign as far back as last summer--yes, I wanted Hudson more than every other middle infielder and saw him as more realistic than option than any of the jokers that signed with the Yankees--I can reconcile the signings of guys like Willie Bloomquist and Kyle Farnsworth for each and every one of the 162 games the Royals will play this season.


Jeff Parker said...

They keep talking about money, well they are paying Crisp & Farnsworth 22 million the next two seasons (if they exercise Crisp' option). 2/22 would have got Dunn but I dont recall KC ever having any interest. 3/18 would probably get Hudson though so if it doesnt happen I'll be blaming the Crisp trade and the aftermath (Farnsworth).

Or you can look at the decision to not cut Teahen & Buck loose, thats almost 7 million to two bench players. DM made some questionable moves this winter so its frustrating to hear that the money isnt there for Hudson.

Ray W said...


Old Man Duggan said...

Oh, I agree on the spending issue for the most part. I actually don't have the problem with obtaining Crisp at the price we got him at. The money to Farnsworth, Ramirez, and Bloomquist is the most egregious to me with Jacobs coming closely thereafter.

If Moore can get them to loosen the pursestrings just a bit to get Hudson, then I'm not as irked by the reckless spending.