Friday, February 20, 2009

Hudson, the Artful Dodger

Well, it looks as though Orlando Hudson is set to put ink to paper with the Dodgers. In Jayson Stark's write-up on the deal, it is said that the Royals were offering a deal $1.22 million in excess of the Dodgers base salary of $3.38 million.

Now, maybe the incentives in the deal tipped the scale in favor of the Dodgers--apparently the incentives in the Dodgers' offer equal the base salary of $4.6 million that the Royals were offering-- but it would seem to me that the Royals outbid yet another big market team only to be spurned by a player using Kansas City's interest merely as leverage.

It would also appear (which I kind of had an inkling was going to be the case) that Dayton Moore would have been able to get David Glass to ease from his stance on adding payroll if the circumstances were right. With the breakdown of the 25- and 40-man rosters, it was clear some fat was going to get cut anyway, but this does signify a willingness to spend when it makes sense (and when it doesn't like with Farnsworth).

What else is there to say, really? We clearly cannot get too down on Moore's offseason, as he was in the running for Hudson after his wanton spending spree, and even outbid the major market Dodgers in the base salary game. There isn't much else, Moore can do.

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Jeff Parker said...

Agreed, the offer was there so DM did try.