Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chiefs Diversion

I have to say I am really excited about the new direction the Chiefs seem to be going in. They didn't fall into the trap that many struggling teams fall into by signing a coach from a team that failed to make the Super Bowl.

First, the Scott Pioli signing--really, the most highly regarded candidate league-wide for a GM position--and now they have grabbed the offensive coordinator from the NFC Champion Cardinals, who averaged over 30 points per game in the playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl and would have kept that up if Warner hadn't thrown that pick resulting in a seven-point swing inside the 10. Sure, it was debatable as to whether the Cardinals should have been throwing in that situation in the first place, but after years and years and years of conservative and predictable play-calling, I would much prefer a head coach who will not pussy-foot around.

Things are looking up on both sides of the Truman Complex. The Chiefs have a fly new front office. The Royals have steadily improved in each of Dayton Moore's years in K.C. Things are coming up Kansas City Sports Fans.


KMartin said...

The Pioli signing was an absolute home run. I guess I expected another dinger on the choice of the next head coach. His inexperience as a pro football head coach is tempering my optimism about this season.

I wish him the best. I'm willing to give him his opportunity. I'm just wondering how Tony G feels about this. He doesn't have that many seasons left. I wouldn't be surprised if Gonzo asked to be released. Anyway, I agree, things are very much looking up at the Truman Complex.

Old Man Duggan said...

Gonzalez said he was open to staying in KC if it looked like the playoffs, and accordingly, the Super Bowl were possibilities in the next two years. That is all understandable, as he only wants to play for at most two more years.