Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Royals internet community

Some brief bits:

Dr. Thunder and Southern Lightning seem to be stirring shit up over at Hapless Royals. I like the name of the blog and the incite-ful--yes, I mean incite-ful--nature of the blog is kind of amusing. It seems like something my college self might have done. I now work far too much to be able to pick fights with random people on the internet now, unfortunately.

Ray W over at Royals on Radio etc. is doing a Royals blogger Super Bowl picks article coming up soon for which I was asked to throw in my two cents.

For reasons that can only be chalked up to my negligence, I had neglected to link up both Minda Haas' blog and Keith's blog The Royal Tower, both of which are daily stops on my waltz through the interweb. My bad.

And I would imagine that our new President will no doubt spend his entire inaugural speech talking about the Royals offseason and the top prospects that will begin to infuse the team with talent on the Major League level starting at about midseason 2010.

Maybe sometime in the near future, I'll reflect upon the players getting often undeserved pay raises via arbitration--yes, I'm looking in your direction fourth outfielder Mark Teahen and LOOGY ordinaire Jimmy Gobble.

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Dr Thunder said...

You'll never be too old or busy to Pick fights with random people over the interwebs. Thanks for the publicity. You are now listed in the Sh*t worth reading section on my page. Enjoy!