Saturday, November 1, 2008


So in light of the questionable Jacobs trade, conventional wisdom is that Billy Butler may likely be traded. It's no secret that Dayton Moore seems to have grown displeased with 22-year-old Billy Butler. Butler was sent down this past season to figure things out midseason--and while he did seem to correct things to a certain extent, it does not appear to have satisfied Dayton Moore, who also sees Butler as lazy.

Obviously, I am not privy to the inner workings of the Royals organization. Maybe Butler does have a bad attitude. The laziness argument may bear some truth--as would possibly be explained by his general lack of attentiveness on the basepaths or inability to learn a defensive position--but the fact remains that he is 22 years old.

There is the issue of needing to acquire more talent in the offseason, and to do so some pieces of value will need to be moved. A player that Royals fans probably do not want to see go is going to need to go to garner anything of value. Much of the talk towards the end of this season centered around Zack Greinke and/or Joakim Soria being the two pieces that the Royals could trade to get close-to-Major-League-ready talent. Despite his short and somewhat disappointing Major League résumé, the upside on Butler may be high enough to get another GM to bite on the boundless potential of his bat.

If the returns a Butler trade can yield are great enough (like Matt Cain, if Billy's packaged with someone like Carlos Rosa), maybe it's worth a year or two of Jacobs at DH. Mike Jacobs on the field full-time, however, may be too much to stomach.

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